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Mom Blogs
The Nurturing Mom
By Christine Amador - September 06, 2012

Are you a nurturing mother? Before you answer, it is important to know the meaning of nurture. Its dictionary definition is to nourish or feed; to educate or train and to help grow or develop; cultivate. There are many ways to become a nurturing mom and you might actually be doing some of them already.

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The Nurturing Mom
Protecting Children during the Rainy Season
MOM's Day 2012 Blog Contest Winner: Why I Love Being a Mom

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Daddy Blogs
Top 3 Apps that are safe for kids
By Wilberg Sibug - October 18, 2012

Many families, especially those belonging to the middle to high income bracket, own smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad. With these technologies becoming more and more common in our daily lives, as parents, we must prepare and guide our kids in the games and apps that they download.

Which of the available gadgets and applications or "apps" out there are really beneficial, safe, and appropriate for our children?

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How to setup parental controls on your computer
Top 10 gifts Dads would love on Father's Day
Disaster-preparedness: Preparing for an Earthquake

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Wise Tips from Grandparents
Reminders for Grandparents
By Wilberg Sibug - November 07, 2011

Reminders for Grandparents - photo by bjearwickeWhether you are a parent or the grandparent, it's natural for you to love little children. The sad truth, however, is that parenting styles of parents and the grannies can differ in many ways.There are some over-controlling grandparents who do not notice that they are already stepping on the boundaries. From the point of view of a father, here are some gentle reminders to grandparents:

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Gifts for Lolo and Lola
Life Changes and its Cycle
Super Lolo, Wonder Lola

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Teen's Corner
Fun ways to bond with your teens this summer
By Noel D. - May 30, 2011

The blithe and fun summer months are almost over but there’s still time for the family to enjoy the remaining sunny days than just indulging with frosty halo-halo, playing online games or watching TV, hanging out with friends or malling. Here are some suggestions:

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Kid's Say
Up Movie by Anya
By Tintin Babao, credits Antonia Babao - September 11, 2009

Who has not seen the animated movie of the moment, Disney Pixar's " UP "? Well if you and your kids haven't seen in yet, better drop everything you are doing and line up now at the cinemas. get good seats, enjoy the ride, because you will be in a for a good, heartwarming,tearjerker treat of a lifetime.

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Up Movie - Gregory
I Love Playing Star Wars - Gregory
Hand Painting - Krisela

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Yaya's Corner
Yaya Benefits – A must!
By Michelle Penalosa – Santos - October 18, 2012

Our yaya for my 3-year old son has been with us for two years already. I have provided her toiletries, extra Php 50’s for load, free food and lodging, thinking these are good benefits, which they can’t have with other employers.

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Are your kids safe with the Yaya?
Affordable Seminars for Yaya
Finding a Nanny

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Family Recipes
Homemade Sushi Rice
By Catherine C. Jason - December 13, 2010

For busy moms, who want to make their own sushi rice without the raw fish? Try this quick and easy recipe for your family.

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Introducing : My own kind of Marinara Pasta

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ParenTIN Talk
Planning to hire a yaya? Read this.
By TINTALK By TinTIn Bersola-Babao - August 04, 2013

Here in the Philippines, it is an accepted culture and necessity for many to hire yayas.

Imagine the horror that you will feel if you were the parents of a three-month-old baby and there you see — caught on CCTV —  your yaya hurting your precious little one! Violently rocking and spanking your baby, and in another video footage, the yaya strangling the neck of the poor baby!

Hiring the wrong  yaya is a nightmare for any parent.

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Is your child a crybaby?
The effects of bullying
Save our Children from Trauma

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